• ​AVID Scholarship

  • Arrow Lumber Scholarship

  • Dollars for Scholars

  • Janel Keating Scholarship

  • Marydale Brooks Scholarship

PSAT for all Sophomores

​With the financial support of the WREF, White River High School is able to provide all juniors and ninth grade AVID students the opportunity to take the PSAT exam each October.  Taking the PSAT provides students with important feedback that helps them prepare for the SAT or ACT exam, which is required for admission by four-year colleges.  Additionally, students and teachers receive information regarding potential Advanced Placement courses that students may have success in while still in high school. The PSAT is  highly relevant to a student's future academic success as it focuses on the skills and knowledge at the heart of education.



Classroom Technology Support

​WREF has donated $1200 dollars to purchase small white boards to be used in the Algebra Support classes at White River High School. Students are engaged in small cooperative learning groups (tutorials) using the white boards to present their thinking to the group. Through this interaction, students are able to master mathematical skills that help lead to success in their Algebra class.

Learning Enrichment Support


The White River Education Foundation financially supports the Accelerated Reading program at Glacier Middle School. The AR program gives all students the opportunity to engage in purposeful and substantial differentiated reading practice to create strong readers. AR helps teachers monitor students' vocabulary growth, literacy skills development, and other reading skills. The AR program helps by determining a student's optimal reading level, sets practice goals, personalizes the practice at their own reading level, provides on-line comprehension quizzes, and then provides instant feedback to help determine appropriate instruction or intervention. The support students receive helps make reading enjoyable and builds confident young readers.



Seattle Children's Theater for all Third Graders

All 3rd graders travel to Seattle in March to get a true theater experience as well as seeing the big city! Many of our kids have never experienced either! 

Biztown for all Fifth Graders 

​JA Biztown is an event during which 5th grade student's role play an adult in the business world. Students prepare for this event by learning about free enterprise and a market economy in the classroom. Students fill out a job application, are assigned a “real” job in a model city called Biztown. Each business team of students market their product or service by writing a newspaper ad and a TV ad for the local news. The students have their own checking account, savings account and a check register that they use during the event. Biztown hums like a beehive—a day of excitement and hard work for all of the students who take their job very seriously.  Biztown provides a valuable hand’s on learning for all children.  At the end of the day, you hear students saying, “Now  I know how hard my parents work!” and “I loved pretending to be an adult for the day!”



Junior Achievement Finance Park for all Eight Graders

All 8th grade students build on their JA Biztown experience and study the concept of personal financial management, first in the classroom and then apply them in a life-like business environment. JA Finance Park is an actual center, structured in business park setting with up to 14 local businesses represented. Students visit each business at JA Finance Park and utilize the information they receive to create their own personal budget. 

AVID College Field Trips

The White River Education Foundation actively supports the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program in the White River School District. This past year, the WREF sent 48 AVID students on an overnight field trip to explore Washington State University in Pullman, Eastern Washington University in Cheney, and Gonzaga University in Spokane. Visiting these campuses gave these students the opportunity to experience first-hand the atmosphere of higher learning and to picture themselves there, or at a similar university, in the future.