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Thank you!

Our foundation President Cindy Clark and I, would like to share the incredible success of our White River Education Foundation Auction that was held at High Cedars Golf Club, Saturday November 2nd.
Because of an amazing Auction Team, our wonderful Superintendent Janel Keating Hambly, support from our schools, families, donors, attendees, volunteers and a very talented Mr. Jeff Fetter…we raised a record breaking amount of $73,000! A very special thank you to Mike Jansen, who supported our event in memory of his late wife Debby Jansen.
I am in awe of this very special community.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

WREF Vice President & Auction Chair
Brandy Alonzo


Thank You to our White River Students for your creative & amazing thank you cards! We are so grateful that you took the time to make these for our generous sponsors!



White River Education Foundation

Sponsorship and Donations:

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Zoo

3rd Grade Children's Theater

5th Grade JA Biz Town

8th Grade JA Finance Park

10th Grade PSAT Test

PSAT for all Sophomores


CTE Programs

STEAM Programs

Anti-Bullying Program

Educational Support 

AVID College Field Trips

Accessible Playground Donation

National Honor Society

Choir & Band Trips

Daffodil Float



How to help

You can donate to the White River Education Foundation by mailing a check or money order directly to:

PO Box 1951

Buckley, WA 98321.

We are an IRS 501 (c)(3) Organization.

We currently accept online donations as well just click the button below to make your donation.


Find out more about how you can donate your time or talent to the White River Education Foundation!

​​2019 Scholarship Winners

2019 WREF AVID - Nayelli Craig $1000

2019 WREF Susan McGuire - Thomas Cox $1000

Congratulations to our past Scholarship Winners!

  • 2018  Tatiana Molinero-Ceras WREF/AVID 

  • 2018 Chloe Mitchell -WREF/Susan McGuire 

  • 2017 Andrina Maurseth, WREF/AVID Scholarship   

  • 2017 Kelsey Bunker, WREF/Susan McGuire Scholarship

If you would like to apply for this years Scholarship please visit:

White River Community Scholarship